Improve as a developer

This course puts emphasis on these factors to ensure maximum improvement.

  • Structured learning

    Problem-set of each section is preceded by a "knowledge base" which provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the topic.

  • Practice fundamentals

    The topics covered in this course are considered fundamental knowledge for any JavaScript developer.

  • Focus & repetition

    The problems are deliberately kept simple, focused, and incremental in difficulty. This, combined with repetition, ensures maximum retention.

Some hand-holding... but not too much

The idea is to provide the students with just the right amount of guidance so that they're not left completely on their own but are not spoon-fed the solution as well.

Traditional project-based courses:

Boost Your Confidence approach:


    1. Introduction

    1. Knowledge base: Introduction to DOM

    2. Knowledge base: Selecting DOM Nodes

    3. Knowledge base: Traversing DOM Nodes

    4. Knowledge base: Changing/Updating DOM Nodes

    5. Knowledge base: Creating New DOM Nodes

    6. Knowledge base: Summary

    7. Practice files: DOM Manipulation - Part 1

    8. Practice: DOM Manipulation - Part 1

    1. Quick feedback

About this course

  • $14.00
  • 10 lessons
  • Numerous code examples
  • 5 practice projects (alpha)

What will be in the full release?

As highlighted above, this is the alpha release of the course. Here is an overview of what will be included in the complete course. All future updates are included if you buy the alpha version.

  • DOM Manipulation Part-2

    The course will pick up right where the alpha version ends. The second part of DOM manipulation will build upon the knowledge gained in the first part by covering the bread & butter of any JavaScript developer: Event Handling.

  • Working with APIs

    Whether it's an external 3rd party API or an internal API, no modern JavaScript application is complete without talking to one. This section of the course will cover the theory behind APIs as well as the tools JavaScript provides to deal with them.

  • Practice Projects

    As you can expect, both of the topics highlighted above will be accompanied with their respective "prompt-based" practice projects. These projects will not only serve to practice the material but will also serve as a great addition to any developer's portfolio.

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